Recommended Sites

There are a number of excellent sites that will help you should you need an alternative source of information other than your course text. Here are a few that are worth adding to your favourites / bookmarks.

Tutor2u Economics Blog

A must for all economics students. Subscribe to the blog for regular updates related to your course. They provide a wealth of resources in the lead up to examinations.

Economics Online

Site dedicated to providing theory accessible to A Level and IB students.

Economics Help

Another site that covers almost all topics related to your course. The author also writes a very accessible blog and responds to readers questions.

The Economics Classroom

Video lessons covering every topic of the IB Economics course.

The Economist Glossary

Great for definitions. Every key term you will ever need. Use this site to create a revision quiz using Quizlet

Trading Economics

Current and historic macroeconomic data for a large number of different countries.

CIA World Factbook

Contains economic profiles for every single country in the world.


Economic ideas worth spreading.


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